Chakra Balancing

$50 – Restore your center of balance. Have your chakras opened and aligned to create harmony and balance

Energy Hour

$75 – An‎ hour long energy session that charges the aura, balances the chakras, and relaxes the mind.
Pranic Healing

$100 – A Pranic Healing session or (Chi healing) consists of a thorough cleansing of the energetic body and all chakras. This method is used to balance the energy field by adding energy to depleted chakras and diminishing excess energy in overactive chakras, and by allowing the release of negative emotions that block healthy energy flow. An overall stabilization is done to keep the person’s energy field balanced and clean. 75 to 90 min
Energetic Chelation

Chelation is an in depth session which focuses on clearing out auric debris and working within all layers of the biofield. Each experience will be unique and exclusive to the individual. Requires 90 minutes to 2 hours. Price depends on length of session.
Energetic Trauma Release

The intention of this technique is to release the energetic cellular memory of a trauma. This extensive session requires a pre-consultation and takes 2 to 3 hours. Price depends on length of session.
The Hopi

$110 – This‎ approach is for anyone with spinal issues and utilizes technique from the Hopi Indians to clear energetic blockages from each vertebrae. 90 minutes

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